Federal .30-30

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  • Model: 3030A
  • Manufactured by: Federal Premium

Federal 30-30 Winchester 150gr Hi-Shok Soft Point Flat Nose Ammunition Md: 3030A

Federal Cartridge 30-30 Winchester by Federal 30-30 Win, 150gr, Hi-Shok Soft Point Flat Nose, (P

Load number: 3030A Caliber: 30-30 Win. Bullet Weight: 150 Grains, 9.72 Grams Primer number: 210 Classic Centerfire, Hi-Shok Soft Point Flat Nose Usage: Medium Game Federal Hi-Shok bullets hit hard and expand reliably for effective game-getting performance. The tapered jacket is designed to provide good initial penetration plus controlled expansion. Rigid manufacturing controls ensure consistency; generations of hunters swear by their reliability. Soft Point Flat Nose: This is the bullet hunters traditionally choose when they're headed into thick cover. It expands reliably and penetrates deep on light to medium game. The flat nose prevents accidental discharge in tubular magazines.
Mfg No: 3030A
Manufacturer: Federal Cartridge

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